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Updated: Oct 21, 2023

OPENING REMARKS: Presented by City Manager - Raymond C. Lee III

11:10-11:15am Native American Land Acknowledgement

Lauryn Taylor Niblett her Potawatomi name is Wabnegos

11:40-12:05pm Hansori Samulnori - Korean Traditional Percussion Band

HanSori is the Korean Traditional Percussion Band which is called "Samulnori" in Korean

12:15-12:45 Thai Classical Ensemble- Thai Dance and Music by Ben Cefkin

12:55-1:20pm Grupo Quetzalcoat (Quetza) Mexican Dance

Folkloric dance from the different regions in Mexico

2:00-2:30pm Kalama Polynesian Dancers

Dancers will perform dances from the Polynesian Islands- Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, and Tahiti. Includes audience participation and the grand finale includes a spectacular fire performance

2:40-3:00pm Flamenco Dance and Guitar

Colorado Institute of Flamenco is the premier Flamenco dance company in the region. Featuring talented dancer, and Artistic Director René Heredia as principal guitarist.

3:05-3:25pm African Ensemble

The Mokomba Ensemble is a traditional and contemporary West African Drum and Dance Ensemble.

3:30-3:55pm Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center

Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe

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