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The Greeley Multicultural Festival celebrates the diverse cultures embedded in the fabric of our community. We are an annual festival that showcases cultures from all over the world at a local level, to facilitate community awareness. We believe that a true experience of any multicultural festival is achieved when participants are fully engaged with all 5 senses; tasting, listening, seeing, touching, and smelling all cultures in a fun and engaging festival, which then leaves participants feeling more exposed and open-minded towards the eclectic mix of cultures in our community. 


Starting in 2017, the GMF derives from the idea that we are a community of diverse cultures, and it is our desire to celebrate our similarities in a fun and engaging festival that exposes participants to world cultures in a local setting. In this important time in our nation’s history, we acknowledge the importance of building bridges to celebrate what makes us one strong nation.


Experience Cultures with All your Senses! 

What you can find at the festival.

Event showcases presented by members of our diverse community will include family entertainment such as music, fashion, food, crafts, poetry, dancing, children's activities, and multicultural ceremonies.

Check out what we have done at the previous festivals!


Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors for making this event a reality, and keeping it FREE for our attendees!

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